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By z4029250730, Jun 10 2016 01:37PM

Relationships make the world go round. That’s a fact. Without them we would all be sorely stressed – and very lonely. We all need them as no man - or woman - is an island. The question is do we value them and believe they are worthy of time, effort commitment and attention?

Somebody once said of Jesus - recognised by many as the greatest teacher on life, love and human relationships – “that everything he did was based on relationships.” Quite a powerful statement. If it was true of him, could it be true for us also? Is it worth it? Is that potentially a good goal to have?

A definition of relationships in the Cambridge Dictionary is, “the way in which two or more people feel and behave towards each other.” And normally in relationship counselling we assume the couple will be in a romantic relationship – as partners or spouses. (Although in my role couple counselling in Kettering, Northants, I have also counselled people who are in non-romantic family relationships that have broken down). And with the stresses of modern day life, even more so than in the past, relationships are taking strain, under threat and - for some – crumbling and breaking. Terribly painful for all concerned. Ruined relationships hurt everyone – the people directly involved, their children if any, extended family, friends, society in general.

Is it worth trying to save a relationship? I believe it is ALWAYS worth trying to – regardless of what that relationship is. Unless there is a risk of physical harm or abuse. And so to answer the question of, "Why relationship counselling?", we can say that to see reconciliation come and some measure of healing accomplished is always rewarding for those involved. And very gratifying as a relationship counsellor. As a marriage and couple counsellor in Kettering, I specialise in relationship counselling for Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough couples, etc. If you click through to my website you can look at the “Testimonials” tab to see what previous clients have said of how they’ve been helped.

If you are interested in having the 30 minute free consultation that I offer as a Kettering counsellor (either face to face or on Skype), then please contact me through Facebook, on my mobile 07891694134 or via my website

Thank you.


By z4029250730, Apr 29 2016 03:01PM

More and more people nowadays are recognising the benefits of counselling. We are in an age where many have experienced that counselling has helped themselves or they know friends or family or work colleagues who have similarly been helped. People are open to say they've been to see a counsellor and it is certainly socially acceptable. No longer taboo like in years past.

But in an age where people are often busy then time can be at a premium. And for some their geographical location can be a barrier to them being able to see a counsellor in the traditional face to face way. That is where skype counselling enters its own. Anyone with an i-phone, tablet or laptop or computer with a webcam can have a face to face counselling session over the internet. As a Kettering counsellor, I have also counselled many worldwide using Skype and I do a lot of skype relationship counselling too. Even when the two parties are in separate locations. That is when relationship counselling via skype can be even more useful. Perhaps if one partner is working away and there are relationship issues to sort out.

And if people are house-bound by illness or health issues or have problems with child care or want to save the time and petrol money that going to a counselling appointment involves, then skype counselling also works for them. And to be able to sit in your own lounge with a cup of coffee talking through some issues with a skype counsellor rather than having to visit someone in their counselling room, can be a very attractive to option to some.

If you think skype counselling could be for you and If you are interested in having the 20/30 minute free consultation that I offer via Skype (or face to face in my Kettering counselling room), then please contact me through Skype (skype address = davidcounselling), Facebook, on my mobile 07891694134 or via my website

Thank you.

David Woodward

By z4029250730, Mar 16 2016 06:05PM

Infidelity has the potential to do so much damage to our emotions and is probably one of the most destructive things that can happen to a relationship. It can shatter self-confidence, smash trust and bring up all the horrors and pain that betrayal causes.

Let’s give a definition of infidelity:- “Non-sexual or sexual infidelity by engaged, cohabiting or married partners, infidelity has occurred when one of the partners in a relationship continues believing the agreement to be faithful is still in force while the other has secretly violated it.

This means that secret texting, mobile phone conversations, online chat-rooms, going for a cappuchino in Costa and cosy ‘business’ lunches with another person outside of one’s normal romantic relationship could all constitute infidelity - whilst not meaning that the partner has actually “cheated” on their partner in the conventional way ie. committing adultery or having sexual relations with someone else.

Based on that definition, a lot of people could step back and think, “Have I, or my partner, committed infidelity then?” Oh dear! Good question! Makes you think doesn’t it? A guilty conscience - or concerned suspicions?!

In my experience of counselling in Kettering as a couple and marriage counsellor, I have seen and heard a lot behind closed doors. The pain and betrayal, emotional angst, relationship damage, etc. happens because the person we have trusted (or maybe we didn’t) has broken that trust. The place we had in our emotions for them has been bruised, broken, violated, shattered or destroyed in some way - depending on the severity of the infidelity.

Can infidelity be fixed? Can relationships be restored? Can trust be recreated and rebuilt? Can forgiveness be extended? Yes, I believe so. That’s what I do with couples and individuals who are hurting – even broken. It can take time and effort and a lot of choices along the way. But it is worth it – not only for the partners but especially where there are children involved, who will be badly affected by the fall-out from a long-term relationship break-up.

If you are interested in having the 30 minute free consultation that I offer as a Kettering counsellor (either face to face or on Skype), then please contact me through Facebook, on my mobile 07891694134 or via my website

Thank you.

David Woodward